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TruHealth Wellness Center

1855 West Greenway Road, Suite 107
Phx AZ

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TruHealth Wellness Center was founded by two passionate providers that crave excellence, Daniela Haimov and Esther Shalamov. This dynamic duo of perfectionists believe in the value of exceptional healthcare and deliver nothing short of it. They both developed a passion for healthcare while they experienced the healthcare system’s effect on their loved ones. They were troubled with the subpar care that their loved ones received, never feeling like their concerns were heard or addressed. The approach that they practice is unmatched and highly customized to each individual’s needs, engaging and tackling each concern.

Daniela and Esther have dedicated their lives to enhancing the lives of others with holistic wellness and evidence based care. Not only are they colleagues, they are cousins that embark on everything together including education, occupation, employment, and even that of their family lives. This is a team of women that strive for the best and settle for nothing less, which is why they have furthered their education to include aesthetic services to their patients in addition to family medicine. They have adopted the belief that healing is not only on the inside, but also on the outside. When one feels good with their appearance, they feel well on the inside and vice versa. Come visit and experience the TruHealth difference, where you are valued and truly cared for.

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Contour and Rejuvenate Morpheus8 + Intense Pulse Light (IPL)+ Alastin Procedure Enhancement Kit. Morpheus8 (Contour) $3250 includes 3 treatments plus Procedure Enhancement Kit. Rejuvenate (IPL) $698 for 2 treatments. That's not all! We will also

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